Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Wauchope Square

119 units; 26 units for rent by Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association and 93 units for sale.  The majority of the blocks have access to an enclosed communal garden space, with 3 access points and views to the inner private / semi-private spaces from the public street.  This gives residents a sense of community and social integration yet at the same time creates a secure environment.  The aim has been to create a safe and sustainable garden, with a clear hierarchy of public and private space.  Road and pedestrian layout is designed to be overlooked by all corners of the development, minimizing  ‘blind spots’ within the site. The layout has maximized housing frontage and minimized the number of back gardens with road frontage or street exposure.  Gaps between houses have screen walling, fencing and lockable gates.  The built environment of phase 2 creates a secure integrated environment with a network of spatial hierarchies fundamental for long-term sustainability.

Project Value
£15 Million

Client Contact
Parc, EDI, Hunter Square, Edinburgh

Wauchope SquareWauchope SquareWauchope SquareWauchope SquareWauchope SquareWauchope Square