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Shortlees Crescent

The layout generated for this site, comprising 33 no. units, provides a strong frontage to Shortlees Crescent that responds directly to the existing properties opposite.  The configuration of dwellings as semi-detached blocks or short terraces reflects the grouping of the existing properties and creates an interesting streetscape as the ground level rises towards the mid-point of the crescent.

There are two short cul-de-sacs that penetrate the site to serve smaller enclaves of dwellings.  These areas help to address the site topography by allowing a gradual progression from the higher ground to the east of the site to the lower ground in the west.

The majority of dwellings within the development have been designed to be for general needs use. Six dwellings have, however, been designed to meet the requirements for elderly or ambulant disabled residents, with a further two dwellings designed to suit the requirements of wheelchair dependant residents.

The dwellings, typically, have narrow, deep plan forms.  This configuration helps reduce heat loss through ventilation and air infiltration and by minimising the area of exposed external fabric.  Many of the dwellings are of room in the roof type construction, which again reduces the external wall area and therefore material consumption and also provides an economic solution to provision of thermal insulation.  Sunpipes are included to allow natural light to penetrate into the central areas of the ground floor plans.

Contract Value
£3.5 million

Client Contact
Atrium Homes

Shortlees CrescentShortlees CrescentShortlees CrescentShortlees CrescentShortlees CrescentShortlees Crescent