Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Holmfauldhead Drive

80 affordable homes for Cruden Estates Ltd on behalf of Glasgow Housing Association, in Linthouse Glasgow.

This is an inner city brownfield site comprising 54 flats and 26 houses, the site includes a mix of accommodation intended to meet a range of needs identified locally, including 4 units specifically for wheelchair users. The proposed housing replaces existing stock, which had reached the end of its useful life.

While the design is driven by place making, and providing housing of the highest quality achievable, an additional challenge was the desire to repair the urban fabric.  Principally to integrate the contrasting scales inherent across the site and mitigate between existing tenemental stock to the north and existing detached housing to south and west. The solution utilises 4 storey flats, in combination with 2 storey housing and flats. Mitigation is achieved through carefully considered use of monopitch roofs and massing, enabling scale to be reduced successfully and in a meaningful way. Internal site planning centres on a pocket park, a key element in establishing a clear site identity and focus for community renewal.

The principal material is warm buff brick intended to provide coherence and pull together disparate elements. Contrasting panels of blue brick, and fibre cement cladding provide relief. Throughout street trees and formal hedging have been utilised, again to bring coherence and reinforce distinctiveness from the surrounding areas.

The housing is designed throughout to HFVN standards and to achieve Secured by Design accreditation.

The project was completed in August 2011.

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