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Hillhead Phase 2

This project was the second phase of a wider masterplan for the regeneration of the Hillhead area of Kirkintilloch.  The proposals for the brownfield site at Newdyke Road consisted of 26 no. new build dwellings with a mix of two and three storey cottage flats, one and a half  storey semi-detached and terraced family housing and single storey semi-detached wheelchair accessible housing for Hillhead Housing Association.

The site was previously occupied by three storey flats that were demolished with some of the material being reused in the roads construction. The site layout was designed to maximise passive solar gain with the majority of the housing units having a south facing orientation with large areas of glazing.  The site layout was also designed to incorporate linkage to local public transport routes to reduce dependency on the private car as a means of transport.

The construction of the housing was timber kit, with a high specification of thermal insulation to reduce heat loss through the fabric of the building and included a high efficiency heating system to reduce energy consumption. The internal layouts of the dwellings were designed to allow future adaptation to meet the changing needs of the residents.

This development was completed in Spring 2010.
Client: Hillhead Housing Association 2000
Contract Sum: £3 million

Hillhead Phase 2Hillhead Phase 2Hillhead Phase 2Hillhead Phase 2TitleHillhead Phase 2