Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Gleneagles Hotel

Luxury private housing for the Gleneagles Hotel.

Eleven properties in a naturalistic landscape setting. The properties are arranged around shared open spaces, orientated to avoid overlooking and to take advantage of distant views across the Gleneagles estate to the Ochil Hills beyond. In addition each property has a walled garden giving privacy and shelter.

The landscape approach draws inspiration from the local countryside. Dry stane dykes, narrow ditches and water courses are utilised as features and boundary treatments. Native species are used throughout providing wildlife habitat. Existing mature trees have been kept where possible.

Hypostyle worked closely with the client to develop an aesthetic appropriate to the location and to the clients desire to market the properties as being site specific and uniquely Scottish. Individual houses draw on farmhouse precedent and are conceived as clusters consisting of house and outbuildings. Each house has a larger scale element or ‘house’ giving a degree of presence without being overly large overall.

The houses are intended to reflect the aspirations and lifestyles of the clientele attracted to the hotel. Internally modern planning is employed creating a semi open and flexible plan suitable for entertaining and maximising daylight and views. Throughout emphasis is given to connections with outdoors.

Selected materials were restricted to stone, render, slate, and timber.

Unfortunately subsequent to planning consent being obtained the client decided not to proceed with the project.