Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Caledonian Crescent

Luxury private housing for the Gleneagles Hotel.

Development of two plots for sale complete with detailed planning consent for two houses on the prestigious Caledonian Crescent address; adjacent to the Gleneagles Hotel and Kings Course.

The two large houses include extensive accommodation suitable for entertaining guests, large garages, swimming pool, and secluded private garden.

Externally the houses represent a modern essay on traditional forms, drawing on regional precedent. This approach includes elements recognisably traditional in origin, such as pitched roof, dormers and skewed copes. These are utilised in composition with large scale openings, fenestration, and other elements associated within a more modern idiom. Where traditional elements are used they are expressed in a modern way, this is particularly the case in the approach to detailing and the handling of materials.

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