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Queen Elizabeth Square

Hypostyle was commissioned by the Crown Street Regeneration Project to design a masterplan for this busy urban area, a stone's throw from the heart of Glasgow and adjacent to the successful Crown Street area.

The cityscape and streets on Crown Street are joined by the new East Gorbals developments, using the traditional Glasgow pattern of urban grid and tenemental block. As one moves east however, the hard edge is allowed to loosen and elements such as mews lanes are introduced. Although the exact design and appearance of the individual blocks remain within the remit of the individual architect appointed for each block, the masterplan seeks to create a meaningfully structured and legible whole within which textural variety and richness can flourish.

Project value:
£100 Million

Client Contact
Crown Street Regeneration Project C/O Scottish Enterprise Glasgow

Queen Elizabeth SquareQueen Elizabeth SquareQueen Elizabeth SquareQueen Elizabeth Square