Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Hilton, Rosyth

Hypostyle have been commissioned by Kapital Assets RBS to design a masterplan for a 12ha green field site within the urban envelope of Rosyth. The masterplan is for a new neighbourhood of Rosyth and is primarily residential but encompasses complimentary mixed use.

The new neighbourhood seeks to respect and build on the legacy of Ramond Unwin and Rosyth Garden City by reinterpreting the Garden City. It is intended that that this can be achieved by directly referencing the Garden City through visual clues and urban structure, as well as by focusing on the philosophical drive behind the garden City movement. It is believed that the synergy between the garden City movement and current thinking in regards to sustainable development can be exploited in a positive way.

The proposal intends to provide a sustainable community with a recognisable and distinct character. The masterplan is organised through a hierarchy of streets and character zones within a structured landscape network including a linear park which acts as an anchor to the proposal. It puts pedestrians first and addresses needs in terms of social interaction, recreation, and play. The masterplan is also firmly routed in addressing ecology and energy needs.

The masterplan was submitted for planning permission in principle in December 2011.