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Beatson Oncology Unit

Hypostyle has worked at the Beatson since April 2002, as both Architectural and Design Advisors to NHS Greater Glasgow and as Employer's Agent in the construction process.

This important new building has been designed to be more than a place of clinical and technological excellence, it is to be a place that eases some of the stress for cancer sufferers and their families. Highlights of the design include a welcoming entrance area, three beautifully landscaped courtyards, clinic spaces and the highly impressive Friends of the Beatson RelaxStation.

Keeping a tight rein on budget and timescale, the teams involved with the Beatson were able to realise significant savings that, in turn, allowed the hospital to purchase vital extra medical equipment.

The project will be commissioned for clinical use during October to December 2006 and will receive its first patients in January 2007.

Project value:
£65 Million

Client contact:
Steve Barker, Greater Glasgow NHS

Beatson Oncology UnitBeatson Oncology UnitBeatson Oncology UnitBeatson Oncology UnitBeatson Oncology UnitBeatson Oncology Unit