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Property Repairs

Many Owners are unsure of how to begin and progress the implementation of a property repair. By appointing a Conservation Architect to oversee the works, and forming a stair group within your building to work with your neighbours, property owners can ensure a successful project. Hypostyle are Conservation Accredited and can therefore provide advice and recommendations at all stages of the project to ensure the smooth running of whatever remedial repairs are required.

Hypostyle can carry out a Conditional Survey of the building, and provide a report detailing the current condition and outlining the repairs required, probable costs and the associated timescales. Tender documents can be prepared to aid the owners in obtaining costs from Contractors. These consist of existing and proposed drawings, specification of works and a report. This will ensure best value for money is achieved. In the first instance Hypostyle would attend an owners meeting and provide advice on how the take the project forward. Thereafter regular meetings with the owners would keep everyone updated on works, costs and timescales.

In order to achieve the best value for money it is recommended that you receive cost proposals from at least three Contractors. Hypostyle can provide guidance and direct the Client to reputable Contractors to ensure appropriate repair techniques and best practice. Funding is available to owners carrying out repairs privately, depending on the type of repairs, property and location. In some instances Edinburgh World Heritage can offer up to 75% grant funding (providing a Conservation Architect is involved).

When the works are in progress Hypostyle can tailor their services to the needs of the Client. Larger property repairs may require our full services throughout to ensure that the work is carried out to the required standard, and the materials used are of good quality and to the correct specification. Smaller, more localised remedial repairs may require reduced services when necessary, and this can be provided and agreed with the Client at the start of the project, thus providing assurance yet minimal costs. Hypostyle will ensure that works are done to a competent standard by tradesmen who have the appropriate skills. Hypostyle will certify the works once complete, and inspect the works a year on, to ensure no defects have appeared.

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