Hypostyle Architects


Gerry Henaughen
B.Sc(Hons) B.Arch ARIAS

Gerry is a founding director of Hypostyle Architects and has been involved at the cutting edge of architecture and design for over 26 years. After graduating from Strathclyde University in 1980, Gerry developed his expertise while working in London and Glasgow. As well as working in private architectural practice, he worked for the Education Design section of Strathclyde Region Architects and the Education and Residential section of Haringey Borough Council.

At Hypostyle, Gerry has built-up a track record in architectural and urban design and regeneration projects involving masterplanning, residential design, health, commercial and education. Notably Gerry was masterplanner for the award-winning Queen Elizabeth Square project at Crown Street in the Gorbals, Glasgow's 'New Neighbourhoods' and Farringdon Row in Sunderland.

Gerry has been the designer and team leader for many competition winning designs, including various phases at Crown Street in the Gorbals and the 'sustainable housing and health' projects at Miller Street, Hamilton and Paterson Street, Motherwell.

Gerry also has extensive experience in sustainable architectural design and art in architecture.

Gerry Henaughen